Content creation, proofreading, and social media management for academia, small) businesses, charities, and creatives. Nature-inspired greeting cards, gift tags, and more: classic designs, contemporary style, and made in the UK. Community initiative seeking to prevent litter and reduce waste through a three-pronged approach of education, projects, and cleaning.

Dr. Elaine Massung is an American expat in the UK with a fondness for travel, nature, history, and tea. She has a background in archaeological interpretation, specialising in how modern technology can be used to tell the story of the past. She has recently developed a range of greeting cards to showcase the beauty of the natural world, and runs an environmental charity in her spare time.

Clear communication and creativity are at the heart of each project she carries out for her clients as part of MissElaineous Writing Services. Please get in touch to see how she can help with academic work or lend a hand with business, charity, or creative endeavours.