This photo of bluebells in the spring was snapped a few years ago in West Woods near Marlborough in Wiltshire.  My husband and I love to visit this patch of woodland first thing in the morning to catch the dawn chorus and any stragglers who haven’t quite made it back to their beds; one year it was a fox, another time a herd of deer thundered down a path then vanished into the trees.

I liked this particular photo so much that I had it enlarged and printed on a canvas that now hangs in the guest bedroom, inviting visitors to imagine their own walk in the woods. The picture also came *this* close to being used as the website background for, and its colours—the muted greens of the woods, the purples and blues of the flowers—remain in the MissElaineous logo.

Although it missed a claim to fame via the website, it was the first photo I turned to when I started designing the “Magnificent Mammals” collection. Despite the controversy surrounding these animals, I knew I wanted to include a badger.  We have a sett nearby and they regularly visit our back garden to clear up apple cores and any other fruit that’s gone off, so I am rather fond of these opportunistic omnivores.

Through a fortunate stroke of serendipity, one of the knotholes looked exactly like an eye, and this encouraged me to look at all of the photos I planned to use in a new light.  Stay tuned for information about all of the animals designs over the next few weeks.


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