Beyond MissElaineous: Part 2

After running Indian River by Air for nearly two years, and while lay dormant, my third web project began to take shape. The site Rubbish Walks grew out of annoyance: I was sick and tired of seeing the same litter day in, day out on my commute to and from the Chippenham train station.  Rather than continue to fume silently, I realised the best option was to actually do something about it.

At first this was literally picking the litter, the eponymous rubbish walks behind the site’s name. The blog emerged as a way to showcase what was found, draw attention to the problem, and also share some of my thoughts about what was fast becoming an obsession.  A few months after starting, I attended a meeting that I hoped would discuss local issues; unfortunately, the meeting itself was awful and is two hours of my life I will never get back.  But emerging from this disaster was meeting Beverly, a fellow anti-litter fanatic.

So from its start as a personal crusade, Rubbish Walks now began to expand to running regular clean ups and we began to look beyond cleaning to education and awareness-raising projects. This brought with it official registration as a community organisation and my fourth website as we rebranded to Off the Ground.  While this is still a work in progress, I hope it will eventually become a repository for ideas and case studies of projects we run in Chippenham.

So life beyond this blog is incredibly varied and manic … and I haven’t even mentioned my day job yet!  However, if you need a hand with something—starting your own community organisation, running a MailChimp newsletter, or getting started with social media—please get in touch.

Off the Beaten Track Wiltshire

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