Moments and the Moon

Sometimes I wonder about the timing of the universe, how things can sometimes fall into place so perfectly.

It was, as you may have gathered from my previous blog entry, a busy week. It was to be followed by an even busier weekend: I was off to London, with grand plans of seeing a museum or two (or maybe even three), followed by a visit to the Top Drawer trade show to investigate how I can perhaps take my dabbling in greeting cards and designs to a new level.

Yet the weather upon arriving in London was anything but inspiring. It was grey, it was cold, it was wet. So we decided to do nothing: we stayed inside, read our Kindles, and just relaxed without sight of a to-do list or a single objective driving us forward. It was bliss.

And by removing myself from the constant state of doing that I had found myself in, I was able to enjoy moments as they came along, such as this view of moonrise over central London.

The moon is not quite full, but it appeared to be enormous due to what is known as the moon illusion, a psychological trick that scientists are still debating.  Regarding my own psychology, this was a useful reminder to myself to slow down and keep looking up.

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