Running a website is a bit like buying a house. You move in and everything is great. Perfectly fine. Couldn’t be better. Until one day you notice the paint in the bathroom is looking a bit tired, the curtains don’t really go with the rest of the décor, and the kitchen sink could probably do with an update as well.

I currently juggle a handful of websites, and have come to the realisation that all of them need a bit of work. For some, it’s minor, like adding a few buttons to the Rubbish Walks sidebar to refer people to the other parts of my anti-litter empire. Others are a bit more involved, like creating a new header for the Indian River by Air site.  Here on the MissElaineous page, the tweaks have been small … so far.

Eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that a Pinterest button has been added to the top, and I am planning to experiment with using Pinterest as a way to organise my blog entries. Stay tuned to hear how that develops. In the sidebar, you’ll also notice a new link to my writing portfolio on Contently. This is something I hope to develop even further in the not-so-distant future as I pursue freelance writing.

To return to the house metaphor, there is also some structural work that needs done. Rather than a new sunroom or demolishing a wall, I will be thinking further about the layout of the site, its navigation, and potentially how to extend it through the power of sub-domains. This is all just
to warn you: mind the sawdust and keep an eye out for the renovations.

Off the Beaten Track Wiltshire

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