Birds of a Feather


I’ve never considered myself an avid bird watcher. I don’t keep lists of what birds I’ve seen when and where, nor do I dash about the country to see a rare species when it’s been blown off course. I do, however, enjoy watching the antics of our garden birds, from the tiny blue tits and robins to the squabbling starlings and elegant green woodpeckers, and I’m quite happy to spend a small fortune to keep them fed throughout the year. I even like woodpigeons.

Likewise, with birds being the closest relatives to dinosaurs–a childhood favourite of mine–it’s probably no surprise that these feathered, mini dinos are common subjects for me to photograph. After all, how often can you have a close encounter with wildlife while tucked inside with a cup of tea?

A recent project has been to turn these photos into a collection of greeting cards, which are now available for sale in the MissElaineous Shop.  I plan to round this off with another one or two cards so they can be sold as a larger set, but I’m happy with how these first few have turned out.

It’s also not just cards that have been added to the Shop: keep an eye on it in the run up to Christmas as I will be adding new designs and products over the coming weeks.

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