They grow up so fast …

It was two weeks ago that I posted about watching frog eggs turn into tadpoles, and even after hatching they have been providing me with a great deal of entertainment.  The pond is the first place I stop after work; before even going into the house I take a peek to see what’s going on and how the tadpoles are developing.  They have easily quadrupled in size and are incredibly active in their efforts to clean algae from the sides of the pond (and, in the instance illustrated below, from the heads of one of their parents).  I can’t even begin to estimate their numbers as the pond is nearly black with them and, if the newt is actively hunting them, it doesn’t seem to be making a dent.

Most of what I’ve read about frog development indicates that the metamorphosis takes a few months, so I am anticipating a mass migration from the pond in June. Although at the moment I am trying not to think about how to handle a thousand miniature frogs hopping around in the front garden, but simply enjoying having this privileged view of wildlife on my doorstep.

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