Some of the best illustrations of plants and wildlife can be found in 19th-century books of natural history. Prior to photography, engravings were the medium of choice to capture exquisite details and shading, enhancing the scientific record as well as educating the general public. The Nature’s Rainbow collection adds bold, contemporary colour to these classic designs to show both the art and its subjects in a new light.

I’ve been working on the blank greeting cards for this collection (more about that on Friday), and I admit it’s taken me a little (okay, a lot) longer than I anticipated to get the first four animals up on Redbubble. However, they are now available on a myriad of products to brighten your summer: tote bags and throw pillows, comfy clothing and fun
phone cases
, and much, much more. While I am focusing on four colours (blue,
green, aqua, and purple), I am planning to expand to more animals: any requests
for the next batch?

And did you catch the link to my new website in last Friday’s post? This is something I’ve been working on for a few months and while it’s not quite done, I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. As all of these have been bubbling away for so long, I decided to broadcast them early rather than wait until Friday. Pop back then for more updates, or sign up to the mailing to have new posts delivered directly to your inbox.

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