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    It’s hard to believe, but it’s been about a year since I launched the crafty side of MissElaineous, starting with keepsake gift tags. In that time, the tags have undergone several transformations as I’ve played with the shape and the string to give them a more contemporary feel. Next up? I am considering staining the wood to bring out the grain and add a bit of depth. On the right is a gift tag au naturel, and on the left one that is stained a light oak. Do you have preference? Drop me a line and let me know!

    Another change is the the packaging I alluded to last month. It’s just about ready to go! Packaging is my big goal for this year as I aim to get my products in more stores. While I’m not quite ready for something like Top Drawer, I feel I’m slowly making steps in the right direction.

    Telling tales

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    “Words, words, words”

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    A walk on the wild side

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    Our present is someone else’s past

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    Eight Ring Circus

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    Nature’s Blueprints

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    Have I mentioned I like sunsets?

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    Pretending it’s Spring

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    Blurring Lines

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    Reading List

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    Happy New Year!

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    “Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice.

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    Perfect Storm, Perfect Sunset

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    Moments and the Moon

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