It’s official … I am having way too much fun working on my new designs! I am adding more animals to the mix every day, at least in the Nature’s Rainbow collection, and also slowly building up the Redbubble store in Blue. The other colours–green, aqua, and purple–will be added eventually as well. I am also intending to use the same designs to build the Nature’s Blueprints range, but I want to make sure I get the template right before proceeding.

While I have the basic technique down, and my initial paper prototypes are satisfactory, these cards are proving to be a challenge for me. They beg for texture: the feel of embossing, or handmade paper, or foil to set the design apart

(or perhaps all three?!). It’s going to take some time to experiment with new papers and to source new printers, but it’s a journey I’m looking forward to.

Dragonfly blueprint, version 2.0 (grid added).

Eight Ring Circus

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Nature’s Blueprints

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Have I mentioned I like sunsets?

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Happy New Year!

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“Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice.

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Perfect Storm, Perfect Sunset

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Unscheduled Advertisement

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Trial, Error, and Experimentation

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Sunset in Technicolour

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A Post-Holiday Rant

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