• A Post-Holiday Dilemma

    Holiday. Vacation. On leave. They’re all lovely words that conjure up visions of city breaks, seaside escapes, or days full of nothing but rest and relaxation. Yet if that’s the case, why do they always seem so busy?!

    There’s the pre-holiday preparation: making sure everything is done and that deadlines won’t be missed while away; instructing colleagues about current activities and handing over any tasks that may need looking after; and, of course, anything that needs done for the trip itself.  Perhaps changing money or buying last minute sun cream or packing.

    All going well, the break itself is everything you imagined it would be: art and culture, sun and sand, R and R.  Then, much too fast, it’s over. You’re back and wondering where the time went. And it’s time to start all over again: catching up on emails and news; striving to complete the tasks that have
    multiplied in your absence.  Trying to remember the plot of what you were doing, when it needed done, and why.

    This is the position I find myself in at the moment.  I feel like someone who was juggling a dozen different items—bowling pin, rubber ball, chainsaw—and for a moment I was able to set them down.  Now it’s a matter of figuring out how to pick them up again.  What order is best?  How do I find the necessary momentum to get them all up in the air again? Perhaps most importantly, how do I do this without dropping any of them?


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