I first visited Europe when I was fourteen. This was well before digital cameras were common and full eons before I could even imagine having a camera, phone, and computer combo that fit in my pocket. I borrowed my father’s basic 35mm camera for the trip and, for those who don’t remember a time before digital, that meant I was limited to 36 pictures per roll of film. If you have been reading the MissElaineous Blog for a while, you’ll know that I often surpass that just in one post (such as this one). 

The trip started in the UK and I went wild shooting in London. Everything was just so different to what I grew up with in Florida. The architecture of the buildings, the flower boxes in the windows, the sheer age and vibrancy of the city. If I remember correctly, I ended up taking approximately 13 rolls of film, or 468 photos, in the course of eight or nine days. Today, I can take that number in just a weekend without even thinking about it.

What makes that total even more impressive is that I killed the camera somewhere in France. It just stopped working and I never even had the chance to photograph Paris or Switzerland, so the overwhelming majority of my pictures were of England. I found myself thinking about this during a trip to London this past weekend as I snapped buildings and flowers with both my “proper” camera and my phone. While the technology may have changed, it’s clear my interests haven’t!

The architecture of London
Mews of London
Pubs of London

I relied on Google Maps to get me from A to B during my London visit, and one of the more unusual sights it took me past was Michelin House, opened in 1911 as the headquarters to Michelin Tyres in the UK. It is now home to the Claude Bosi Bibendum restaurant. I don’t know what the food is like, but the architecture (and Michelin Man stained glass) was fantastic!

Jacques Cousteau wrote that “People protect what they love.” I see the writing and photos I share on MissElaineous and Off the Ground as two halves of this whole. The first showcases the beauty of the world and its fascinating places—how can you not love the scenery of mid Wales, the architecture of Edinburgh, or the prehistory of the Jurassic Coast? The second looks at what we can do to protect and improve the environment so it can be enjoyed now and by future generations.

This week’s MissElaineous post is a little on the short side because my writing focus has been on kicking off Plastic Free July with a series of blog posts and a new project that I’m planning to launch soon. Check out how you can reduce your wasteline with some simple swaps and substitutions:

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